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Media Coverage – Secrets The Article Didn’t Reveal

The article does a great job of covering Anshuman’s football journey so far.
But this is only part of the story. A lot more has happened behind the scenes and it would be a shame to leave the rest to the imagination. Not just because a lot of other people also deserve the credit for his success, but also because knowing the process might help your child too.

Excellent Progress In A Short Time

About a year ago, I shared the pivotal step of a young player from India, Anshuman Arun, who had embarked on the talent development path with Smart Sports Parenting and had seen some striking early success in a Swedish tournament, Future Cup, in April 2018. Now I am happy to announce that Anshuman has achieved […]

Right Academy. The Shooter or The Target.

Even casual soccer fans may know about Andreas Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. Both came through the renowned La Masia academy and were key to FC Barcelona’s recent success. But here’s what even many hardcore fans don’t know. When they were at La Masia academy at twelve and fourteen, they had not won anything. Not a single trophy! […]

Sleep. The Most Underrated Force-Multiplier In Sport.

"You do not obtain things based on what you think or believe, but on what you do.” - B S Christiansen, Danish special forces legend and mental coach for pro-footballers.   B S Christiansen ( is one of the toughest human beings imaginable. He was in Special Operations globally for 28 years with Jægerkorpset, Denmark’s […]

Practice. How Much Is Too Much?

There is a great deal of ignorance on the amount of practice one must undertake for professional football. This is mainly because there is no uniform path to professionalism, much less an ‘established standard’. Opinions also differ widely depending on which club or coach you talk to. One school of thought believes that the practice […]

Football Genes. Does Your Child Have Them?

Can Genes predict the Soccer performance of your Child?
Is your child born to play and excel in Football?
Are there “Good Genetics” in Soccer and can one really hone Soccer Genes?

Football Selections. What You Should Know.

How is long-term potential assessed in Football?
How are young players selected in Europe?
Why selections and trials in India are flawed?

Relative Age Effect. How Birth Month Matters.

How Birth Month impacts player selection.
Why those born in the first half of the year get an advantage?
What to do if Your Child is born in the second half of the year?

Age Cheating: Guide To Overcome It

How Common Is Age Cheating In Football?
Why Official Methods Don’t Succeed?
Smart Parenting Tactics For Your Child

Piotr and Caroline Wozniacki: Path To Tennis Glory

Smart decisions Piotr took that went against common wisdom.
Tough choices and sacrifices he had to make to support Caroline.
His advice to aspiring Smart Sports Parents.

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