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The Smart Sports Parenting Podcast – How It Will Benefit You!

By Satyajit Sadanandan

Happy to introduce – The Smart Sports Parenting Podcast.

Now you can listen and get Smart Sports Parenting tactics and tips – whether you are jogging or walking or driving or watching your child practice or pretty much any other time actually.

You will access to some of the best minds from the world of sports including:

Experts deeply engaged with talent identification and development – prominent Coaches, Scouts, Psychologists, Fitness Gurus, Performance Scientists, Nutritionists, and Many Others.

  • get insider views on the best sporting practices in different countries

Other successful Smarts Sports Parents and Players

  • acquire tips from those who have already been on a similar path as you

Sports Leaders and Executives

  • discover rewarding career opportunities for your child

Will chat informally with the Guests to extract typically hidden but actionable insights that you can use for your child.

How exactly will this benefit you and your child? Tune in to the first episode to find this and more:

or Stream | Download right here:

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