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How easy is it to make it to Professional Football?

You might think that your child has all the needed elements in place for it since:
  • Your child attends a regular coaching program
  • Your child gets fitness training in a gym nearby
  • Your child is showing decent progress as per the coach
  • Your child may even be getting selected in a odd trial or two
Are you on the right path?
Most likely – NO.
Because achieving sporting success is NOT that straightforward.

In England, for instance, only 1 out of 200 (0.5%) nine-year-old players who get selected to a top-tier soccer academy are eventually able to make soccer a career. By contrast, the chances of success in one of the World’s most competitive Engineering admission tests (IIT JEE – India) are FOUR times higher.

The likelihood of success in soccer is similar (or lower) in most other countries.

So why is it that becoming an elite footballer is so tough?
Because training in fancy facilities with certified coaches is not enough.

This is why poorer countries of the World including many in Africa and South America continue to produce World-class players every year in their sub-standard facilities with poorly paid coaches while richer countries in North America or Asia have been struggling to develop a single home grown global star.

This is also why the average neighbourhood academy struggles to develop any elite player in spite of charging high fees to parents like you year-after-year.

Many more elements are important for Soccer Excellence. One needs a multi-factorial approach that involves the right inputs coming together at the right time.
How to choose - footbal or multiple sports?
How to select the right coaching??
How much and what type of training is essential?
How to select the right nutrition?
How to view matches to learn and improve faster?
How to choose the right team?
How to improve game intelligence?
How to select the right place to progress rapidly?
How to ensure the right mindset?
How important is a residential football academy?
The incredible thing is that the right inputs are not hard to access or very expensive. And the best part is that you can incorporate them in your child’s existing soccer ecosystem very easily – wherever you are. Provided you know what to look for.

But in a field that has many more Quacks than Doctors – where every academy claims to be the elevator to your child’s soccer ambition – marketing ineffective training techniques as the panacea your child needs to succeed – it is not easy to know what to follow and what to ignore.

What you need is expert guidance that is matter-of-fact, unbiased and dependable.

We offer you all that and much more!

Big league mentoring that is helping many players and parents achieve outstanding results at a pace that is beyond their wildest dreams.
Satyajit Sadanandan is a Sports Talent Engineer with a diverse range of experiences spanning over two decades with many global organizations including FIFA and several top clubs and academies in over 70 countries.

He spent years of search for the right answers on what is the right path to professional football, and now he sees his mission to share this knowledge with parents or anyone who has professional sports ambitions.
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