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Excellent Progress In A Short Time

By Satyajit Sadanandan

About a year ago, I shared the pivotal step of a young player from India, Anshuman Arun, who had embarked on the talent development path with Smart Sports Parenting and had seen some striking early success in a Swedish tournament, Future Cup, in April 2018.

Now I am happy to announce that Anshuman has achieved a greater distinction – he was recently called to the Indian National U15 team for trials and was a part of their training camp for about 10 days.

Background and Training

In April 2018, Anshuman had participated in a tournament in Gothenburg – Future Cup – where he was assessed and benchmarked against the Scandinavian players of his age.

Back then his family was actively considering relocation to Denmark due to his Father’s work commitments and they didn’t want this move to impact his football pursuit negatively.

Although Anshuman had been part of several academies in Bangalore and had even been to soccer tours in Europe before, his family was not sure about his potential in the game and the ideal next steps for him.

After discussions with Anshuman and his Parents, keeping in mind his dream to pursue a career in football as a professional, we had designed a customized 360-degree training program for Anshuman that was unique and involved outstanding coaches, scouts and fitness experts in India and Denmark.

This program involved meticulous assessments and player benchmarking – replicating the model that top academies in the World have – and subsequent individual and team-based training in India and Denmark.

He started training in Denmark from August 2018 when the family relocated.

Since then, based on our assessment and inputs from the coaches, he changed his playing position from being a Forward to playing as a Full Back. The adjustment as a player in a new environment has been quite challenging. But Anshuman has put in his best efforts.

Progress and Future

Within a few short months, he has shown such an improvement that the Indian National U15 team management invited him to a trial in Goa recently and train in their camp with other probables.

This may not be a big deal for the National team since there are many boys who they scout and invite to their camp with the aim of getting the best players to represent the country.

But it is HUGE for Anshuman since he got the opportunity to play and learn from the National team coaches and the experienced teammates.

Well done Anshuman!

Looking forward to bigger achievements in the times ahead.

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